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Sport Spider Solitaire

Your favorite Spider Solitaire card game is waiting for you to play, without the need for a teammate-- unless you recruit one!

One Suit Spider Solitaire is the classic, easiest spider solitaire you already love. Create stacks of cards, King through Ace, to complete the set. Complete 8 whole sets and you win! Get stuck? Click the bottom cards to add another card to each stack.

We can't promise you'll burn lots of calories with this Spider Solitaire card game on Sport, but the One Suit card game will definitely test your brain power! Brains are better than brawn!

  • always FREE solitaire
  • 1 suit makes this the easiest spider solitataire card game
  • our turn counter lets you see how many turns it takes you to beat spider solitaire
  • your high score will be saved for the next time you come back to Sport!

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