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4 Suit Spider Solitaire

Get ready for a tough one! This four suit spider solitaire game is the most difficult spider solitaire game around!

Four Suit Spider Solitaire makes it extremely hard to complete sequences of cards without using non-matching suits. Don't get frustrated! Hint: Attempt to bring out as many new cards as you can, even if this means blocking your best seen sequence.

This spider solitaire card game will surely give you a sting, but keep at it! Beating the four suit version is all the more sweeter-- and then you can truly call yourself the "Spider Whisperer"!

  • hardest spider solitaire card game
  • includes all four suits for increased difficulty
  • challenge yourself to beat your own high score
  • get your anti-venom ready-- this spider solitaire game will sink its fangs into you!

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