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Sport Wasp Solitaire

Get ready to feel the sting-- Sport's One Suit Wasp Solitaire is full of venom and aimed at you!

One Suit Wasp Solitaire is based on Spider Solitaire, but the player is able to move any card within a stack of cards. Other than that, create the sets from the stacks of cards, in descending order from King to Ace.

Strategy: Move cards around to create a column with no cards within it. This way you can move any card in and out with ease!

Don't let the One Suit card game fool you. This Wasp Solitaire game may be the easiest, but it is in no way "easy"! Good luck :)

  • plays like Spider Solitaire
  • pay attention to strategy to win
  • one suit is easiest Wasp card game
  • when this gets too easy, try our 2 suit and 4 suit wasp

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