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Four Suited Wasp Solitaire

Someone must have upset the hive, because you're about to be attacked by a whole swarm of wasps! Four Suit Wasp Solitaire is sure to sting over and over again.

Four suits make this Wasp Solitaire card game the hardest on Sport Like spider solitaire, you must create stacks of the same suit, in descending order from King down, to make the stack disappear. Yet, while playing the game, you can place cards of opposite colors on top of each other, but once you do this, the upper card of opposite color are greyed out and unable to be used.

You may have mastered Spider Solitaire, but Wasp Solitaire's venom is much stronger on Sport Keep trying and see if you can truly become the master of Sport

  • 4 suits makes this wasp solitaire card game the hardest around
  • use the strategy from the one and two suit wasp to help get the win
  • always 100% free, so you can try over and over again to beat this tough card game

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